Celebration Service

We gather weekly every Saturday evening at 6:00 pm to worship and glorify God in song, testimony, a life-giving message and fellowship. We call this time 'celebration'.

Why are we called Lighthouse?

Lighthouse is a safe place, a refuge for the weary, a place of healing and strengthening for the weak and infirm, where young and old are welcome, and where the healthy are nourished and equipped.

Often the first landfall visible from the sea, the lighthouse is a welcome beacon announcing safe harbor and guiding the way through the rocks. Its light cautions mariners to steer from danger. The lighthouse is a point of reference day or night by which sailors may determine their position.

On a promontory, the lighthouse is meant to be visible.

Constructed on a solid foundation, it is fixed, immovable, able to withstand storms – and still function as designed to operate. The tower houses and emits a light energy whose source is not its own. It is an assembly of stones, steel, and glass prisms such that a small candle may be focused and amplified making it visible for miles.

     Lighthouse is a DOVE partner church.


We gather weekly every Saturday evening at 6:00 pm.

Cell Groups

Prayer, discipleship and outreach combine in our home-based Cell Groups.


We are proud to support and partner with missionaries from around the world.


A calendar of upcoming events at Lighthouse.


Digital audio versions of our weekly Celebrations are available via download.