Celebration Service

We gather weekly every Saturday evening at 6:00 pm to worship and glorify God in song, testimony, a life-giving message and fellowship. We call this time 'celebration'.

Cell (Small Home) Groups

Life in Christ is more than a weekly celebration service. We believe that our life in Jesus is lived every day. That's why we're a cell-based church. Our small groups (we call them cell groups) are 'real-life' fellowships. Genuine relationships develop, we grow in Christ, and we stretch in ministry as we serve the Lord. Here prayer, discipleship and outreach combine.

Cell group allows us get to better know each other and to be ourselves. It's a safe space to share our challenges, joys and sorrows. We get to explore and demonstrate the practical ministry of the gifts of Christ. Our goal is to develop a closer relationship with Jesus and together we reach out, practically expressing His Commission to all the earth.

Our cell groups meet in homes throughout the Valley.

Kingdom Living [Holyoke, Mass]

Leader: Bob & Barbara Olmstead
When: Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
Contact: Bob Olmstead
Phone: 413.887.7119
Building relationships, worship and prayer will surround a focus on the path to destiny. God tells us he has a plan for each of our lives, to give us a hope and a future (destiny). We are using Dale Mast's volume "And David Perceived He Was King" to explore David's (and our) journey to the destination where the Lord is calling. Our goal is to strengthen and encourage one another in Christ. The cell is oriented to all believers. All are welcome!

Unshakable Identity [Enfield, Conn]

Leaders: Nate & Christina Desjardins
When: First & Third Tuesdays at 6:30 PM
Contact: Nate & Christina Desjardins
Phone: 413.374.1893
We are a large and family friendly cell group. We are studying/re-affirming our Identity in Christ and also the amazing heart of the Father God for His children. We are learning who we are and Whose we are. Our desire is to see people secure in their identity in Christ and the love that the Father has for them, so they can more effectively be passionate lovers of Jesus and display that love of Abba Father to a broken world that is in desperate need of experiencing true love.

Reaching Our Neighborhood [Feeding Hills, Mass]

Leader: Mike Ermold
When: Varies Weekly at 6:00pm
Contact: Mike Ermold
Phone: 860.335.1327
We are targeting Feeding Hills. Weather permitting, we pray as we walk the neighborhood asking Holy Spirit to present us divine appointments to exercise Jesus’ great commission. We believe our community will be transformed as we preach and demonstrate the Kingdom of God. Come with us as we engage the opportunities God places before us.
All are welcome!

Discipleship [Holyoke, Mass]

Leader: Bob and Barb Olmstead
When: Thursdays at 6:30 PM
Contact: Bob Olmstead
Phone: 413.887.7119
Our focus is on essentials for a firm foundation. We want to develop a grasp and working understanding of the basic elements of our Christian walk. Our goal is to strengthen and encourage one another in Christ. The cell will be oriented to a wide range of believers, from the beginner who need basic training, to long-time Christians who want to understand what discipleship is, so they might learn to disciple others. All are welcome!

Brunch with Jesus [Westfield, Mass]

Leader: Rich and Barb Soto
When: every other Tuesday at 11:30 AM
Contact: Rich Soto
Phone: 413.821 0937
'Who I am in Christ' begins the focus of our one hour mid-day gathering. All are welcome. Come join us as we explore the identity we have received as He unfolds it before us. Later, we will go on to focus on a booklet titled ‘The Father’s Love Letter’.

Preposterous Faith [West Springfield, Mass]

Leader: Ed Dion
When: 1st & 3rd Sundays at 2:30pm
Contact: Ed Dion
Phone: 413.746 3307
A study of Hebrews, learning together to live a life of faith.

     Lighthouse is a DOVE partner church.


We gather weekly every Saturday evening at 6:00 pm.

Cell Groups

Prayer, discipleship and outreach combine in our home-based Cell Groups.


We are proud to support and partner with missionaries from around the world.


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