Lighthouse Christian Church exists to take the message of hope found in Jesus to the ends of the earth.

Over the years, we have traveled throughout the world sharing God's love with others.

We are proud to support and partner with the following missionaries from around the world.

Organization: Springfield Pregnancy Care Center
Location: Springfield, Massachusetts
Email: help@springfieldpcc.org
Website: www.springfieldpcc.org

What we do to care for people:
  • Free Pregnancy testing: We offer free confidential
    pregnancy testing.
  • Counseling: Confidential options counseling for solutions like single parenting, marriage, adoption, and abortion information.
  • Referrals: Connect women with medical, community and government resources for various social and medical services.
  • Free necessities: Free maternity and baby clothes and a variety of other necessities.
  • Book Nook: The Book Nook has free books about pregnancy and baby care along with children's books.
  • Help with housing: Connect women with housing options and help along the process of finding a home.
  • Ongoing personal and spiritual support: Support for the entirety of the pregnancy and afterwards, we are here help and guild women through.
  • Adoption information: We offer information about adoption, as well as guidance through the process if that is the desired outcome.
  • Prenatal and postnatal instruction and guidance: We are here for the entire pregnancy and even afterwards.
  • Transportation: Transportation assistance to and from doctor's appointments.
  • Post-abortion support: Women who've had an abortion often need a listening, non-judgmental ear.

Organization: WLCQ 99.7FM
Location: Springfield, Massachusetts
Email: contact@wlcq.com
Website: www.theq997.com

What we do to care for people:
  • Local Christian Radio: We bring local Christian music across the airwaves and into people's cars to change hearts and lives for Christ.
  • Website Hub: Online directory that features local churches, businesses and events for people to get connected.
  • Live DJ's: Live DJ's throughout the day that encourages people, pray on air, and share life stories that connect people back to God in a tangible way.
  • Sticker Stops: Street teams go to different locations where they play Christian music, give away free prizes and bumper stickers, and pray with people.
  • Drive Through Difference: A campaign that encourages local Christians to pay for the customer behind them when going through a drive through restaurant.
  • Promote local Christian businesses: Partnering with local Christian businesses with On-air spots, promotions and events.
  • Mission trips: Gather local Christians from different churches who are interested in missions and give them an opportunity to serve in a third world country.
  • Q Groups: Gather local Christians from all different denominations and churches who have certain interests (like running/walking) and give them an opportunity to create meaningful friendships on that common ground and meet on a regular basis to do those things.
  • Concerts: Bring in big named Christian musicians and bands from all over to play concerts in this area.
  • Internships: Teaching the next generation about radio and running a Godly business.

Organization: Parish Cupboard
Location: West Springfield, Massachusetts
Email: ParishCupboard@aol.com
Website: www.parishcupboard.com

What we do to care for people:
  • Emergency Food/Pantry: We support needy families and individuals
    by giving them groceries once a month. We have approximately 200 families come for groceries each month.
  • Hot Lunch Program: Five days a week we open our dining room to anyone to have a hot lunch for free. We see many homeless and needy people and our daily served averages to about 37 people a day.
  • Respect: Our Mission is to provide a safe, welcoming haven for people and show them love and respect.

Organization: Clearway Clinic
Location: Springfield, Massachusetts
Email: clearway358@gmail.com
Website: www.clearwayclinic.com

What we do to care for people:
  • Pregnancy Tests: We provide free pregnancy tests for women.
  • Ultrasounds: We provide free ultrasound exams which are quick, painless & do not require blood to be drawn. This test will indicate if there is a viable intrauterine pregnancy and determine gestational age (how far along you are).
  • Nurse Consultation: Every patient is given 15-20 minuets to discuss her concerns with a nurse prior to an ultrasound exam or STD testing.
  • STD Testing: We test for Chlamydia & Gonorrhea which can be detected by urine. If you test positive, treatment is given to you and your partners.

Name: Mary Ann Marzano
Organization: Organic Change for Haiti
Email: ma.marzano@comcast.net
Website: www.OrganicChangeForHaiti.org

What we do to care for people:
  • Home: We provide a home to young women who have aged out of the orphanage and have no where to go.
  • Life Skill: Give young women life skills so they can provide for themselves and don't just end up on the streets.
  • Orphanage: We take in babies and malnourished children who are orphans and in need of care. We give them a loving home, food, clothes and a safe place to be.

Name: Shawn Hurley
Organization: Happy Hands Ministries
Website: www.shawnhurleyministries.com

What we do to care for people:
  • Missions: We go on missions trips across the world to bless & encourage people
  • Healing: We see God move in miracles and healings
  • Outreach: We go and minister to places that don't know Jesus

Name: Carol Pomeroy
Organization: Door of Hope
Location: Springfield, Massachusetts
Email: doorofhope1641@aol.com
Phone: 413.567.2303

What we do to care for people:
  • Counseling: For emotionally disturbed and chemically dependent adults.
  • Prayer: Constant prayer for the people that are being counseled.
  • Check ins: Daily phone calls and check ins to help the emotionally disturbed and chemically dependent people stay accountable and connected.
  • Hospital visits: There can be an extreme sense of loneliness that happens for these people, it is important that they feel valued and not alone.
  • Referrals: Provides connections with social workers and food banks.
  • Court Visits: Goes to courts with them and is an emotional support for them.
  • Housing: Hosted people in Carol's home to live from time to time depending on their situation.
  • Once a month meeting: A gathering with a meal, worship, prayer & encouragement once a month.

Name: Jay Ellison
Organization: UMASS Kai Alpha
Location: Amherst, Massachusetts
Email: espressobean14@gmail.com
Website: umasschailpha.com

What we do to care for people:
  • Reach Out: We are an active Christian community that is in the University of Massachusetts and reaches out to students and faculty on campus and in the local community.
  • Weekly Gatherings: We get together weekly for prayer, worship and a devotion
  • Food: We do a weekly stir-fry as an outreach to the campus community.
  • International Students: We have events for International students to get meet other International students, American students and experience things like a barbecue or mini-golf.
  • American Friends: We help International students fight against loneliness and isolation in a new country with our program, American friends, where they can indicate the type of friend you prefer and your availability.
  • Christmas: We host a giant Christmas party for the International Students to make them feel welcome and to experience Christmas in America with other people. We play games, eat food, sing songs and meet new people.
  • Coffee: We have a non-profit coffee shop called Freedom Café that is operated by volunteers. The money raised goes towards trying to stop human trafficking.

Organization: Springfield Rescue Mission
Location: Springfield, Massachusetts
Website: www.springfieldrescuemission.org

What we do to care for people:
  • Men’s Emergency Shelter program: We provide homeless men with nutritious meals, safe shelter and hygiene items as well as clothing, counseling and referrals to community resources as needed. We serve approximately 600 unduplicated men annually, ages 18 and older.
  • Public Breakfast Program: We service a well-balanced, full breakfast for up to 100 hungry men, women and children, six days per week.
  • Operation SONshine: We have a mobile food service that delivers an average of 200 nutritious meals per day, on each day of operation, to residents in Springfield’s low-income neighborhoods.
  • Traditional Holiday Meals: We serve over 2,300 hungry and homeless individuals at a sit-down holiday meal on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Give Away Center: This is where we give away clothing, shoes and coats as well as bags of groceries filled with nutritious food items and food staples and other items for daily living. These supplies are distributed three days per week to anyone in need.
  • Men’s New Life Rehabilitation Program: We provide a comprehensive approach to overcoming homelessness. We work individually with participants to help them resolve a large number of problems so they can return to the community and sustain a productive life. We have a capacity to work with 100 men at a time.
  • Men’s Transitional Living Program: Graduates of the Men’s New Life Rehabilitation Program stay for up to 12 additional months in the Transitional Living Program. The men live in an alcohol-free and drug-free environment and receive meals and case management before making a full transition to independent living.

Organization: Dove Missions International
Location: World Wide
Email: info@dcfi.org
Website: www.dcfi.org

What we do to care for people:
  • Long Term Service: We have many long term missionaries that go all over the world, including Kenya, New Zealand & the Middle East.
  • Mission Festival: Every year there is a mission's festival were the missionaries gather to raise support and share information about their mission.
  • Youth & Young Adult Missions: Plan, train and equip youth and young adults for different short term mission trips around the world.
  • Medical Missions: Send out teams consisting of doctors and nurses to remote areas that don't have much access to medical help.
  • Short Term Teams: Send out many short term missions teams all over the world.
  • Training: Personal training & equipping missionaries along with providing lots of written literature & resources.
  • Financial Support: Helping finance many missionaries in need as well as give good financial advice and protection to missionaries.
  • Church Planting: Equip and encourage local leaders where missionaries are sent to start new church plants.
  • Mission News: Provide missionary news to all of the church that are a part of DOVE so that they can stay connected with pertinent information.